September 9, 2009


So the F@#$ what!

I guess today is the last day of the calendar that single digits will make up the date. At least until another Jesus dies and we move from AD into ANJD (After New Jesus Death) time era thing.

Did I say welcome to my blog?

Statistics are why I cannot watch sports on tv. I can't stand the useless shit that comes out of the commentators traps. "Well Jim, with that strike out Carl Carlson becomes the 21st strikeout leader in history." 21st? Don't care, useless stupid information. "Oooohhhh adjusting his balls after that touchdown brings Terrell Terrellwell into 18th place in the all-time American League West ball adjusters." You bet, Tim. Terrell really likes adjusting his balls, and really does it with aplomb."

Useless statistics. Dumb. I regress...

Last night was one of those nights. Wifey cruised off to aerobicize and I stayed home with Smarty Pants to plant some hand-me-down shubberies. Naturally, the first two went easy. But the third and final became a victim of my own dumbassity. As in I nailed the sprinkler line with the shovel. Not bad enough to rupture, but bad enough to make me worry that it might when I least expected it or was out of town.

Off to the mega home store for some 1/2" in-line connectors. Back home to remember that 1/2" doesn't mean 1/2" in sprinkler land. Cuz in sprinkler land there's 1/2" OD and 1/2" ID. Back to mega home store for 1/2" OD connectors. (Fortunately only 5 minutes away.) Slap in a new piece of pipe, a couple of in-line connectors, use hose clamps for good measure and viola! I fix my f-up in near record time with fewer f-ups along the way than normal. All by 10:30 pm. (Shakes head...)

But I have got to say that the highlight of the evening came from the guy next door criticizing my decision to add some concrete to my existing shed pad to put a larger shed on. He basically told me I was stupid. Well... can't please everyone I guess.

Let's talk about canines. It was buy a dog Labor Day this year. Both neighbors to the rear have new puppies, and the neighbor that thinks sheds should only be on gravel now has a Golden Retriever.

I think it's time to give Cody a new home.

The bike refurbish is going slow. When the hell do I get to work on it? Bear Lake trip last weekend. Sprinkler fixing and shrub planting last night. Still, the Bendix Automatic rear hub is in pieces and soaking in kerosene as I type.

I really gotta do more of these entries. SO much to talk about. Did I mention I am racing a tri this Friday???

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