March 9, 2009

Ramping UP

Perhaps I am turning a new leaf with two posts in less than a week. We'll see. One thing is for certain, this helps my creativity. Blogging is sort of like flushing a mental toilet. I get all this stuff floating around that I just can't seem to get rid of. Then I write a little, not work related, and the flotsam and jetsam disappears.

Or at least grows moderately more transparent.

I had a good run yesterday with my borrowed buddy, Cody. 7.4 miles in a time that doesn't reflect anything. Way too many dogs and ear scratchers to go non-stop. Still, I felt pretty good and Cody tempered his effort much better. I think he knew what he was in for this week. But by mile 6 he was off the back again.

I think there was another run since the last post, but I don't recall... I'm feeling pretty good about the half in Moab, and I'm hoping for a 2 hour time. But I really am not in the mood to kill myself.

Otherwise some resistance and core work. Just trying to build the connective tissues and improve core strength. I'll hit the pool the next three days, provided my daylight savings time affected brain will let me. I may as well swim, it's still snowing.

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SchuckFamily said...

Cody is so cute! Can't he live at your house?