March 5, 2009


So it has been a month since I last posted.


It seems that time flies, whether you are having fun or not. Fortunately, I'm having fun!

Training is on the up and up, in spite of the weather. I'm easing into everything whether I want to or not. But I think it is good because I have been frigging tired lately. It doesn't seem like I am doing much, but when I add up the hours at the end of the week, I am definitely putting in some time. Maybe too much, too early, which could be why I am always beat.

The Moab half marry is in just a couple of weeks. I had good sensations during a long run of 6.5 miles with my borrowed buddy Cody on March 1. I'll try for about 8-9 miles this Sunday and hopefully be all set for Moab. I'm not really worried about setting a PR, in fact, I'm just training through with no taper.

I'd like to take Cody with me again, be last Sunday was pretty tough on him. He was gassed the last couple of miles. He's a lurcher, a generic term when a greyhound is mixed with anything else, which in Cody's case is likely Walker hound. He has a lot of energy, but uses it up pretty fast. He's currently living at the greyhound rescue. His energy needs are a little different than those of a greyhound and he needs more exercise. It just so happens that running with a dog is one of my favorite things to do, so it works out.

Swimming is bumming me out, I gotta admit. I really suck, and that doesn't help my motivation. The modest gains I had before my tumah surgery are gone, and now I am starting over from scratch. 100 yard reps are doable, but my form is so bad the last 50 yards that I am now doing 50 yard reps. I'll give it a couple more weeks and then start doing longer distances again.

Another bummer: the Ogden Marathon is sold the fu#& out! I said in the post race report last year it was coming. Ah well, I've already found some replacements, and most of them benefit a charity in some way.

I need to do this more often...

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