March 31, 2009

IM St. George - 2010

What are you doing on May 1, 2010? I don't know either, it's obviously pretty early to plan anything on a specific day unless it's a wedding or Ironman.

Ironman. In St. George. Utah. SSSHHHHHEEEEEYYYIT!

But it's on May 1. THAT, dear friends, is a real pisser. You see, here in N. Utah we have this little season called winter. It snows during most of it, and even, like this year, into the spring.

This is bad for training. Sheep bad. BAAAAAAAAADD.

I really don't like training in the cold, nor does my Spanish climber alter ego, El Pato. If I liked the cold I'd have had The Duck translated into Flemish or Walloon, a Belgian language. Because if you didn't know, the Belgians are the hardmen of cycling. They excel in the cold and wet, whereas other than a couple of exceptions, the Spaniards are the warmer weather winners.

I am seriously considering entering this race, though. I need to be quick, as it will fill up soon. Wifey has given the approval nod. But with 6 months between fall and long, outdoor rides and the race, I need to ponder exactly how I'll train for it. And it will demand some training because this is not a flat course. There are mountains that must be climbed and wind that must be battled.


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