September 18, 2008

Oh Deer!

It's 8:45 am. Yes, I am at work writing this. Cut me some slack, I've already had an eventful morning.

Coming in to work I have to travel through deer carcass alley. It is a woodsy section of road through South Weber with fields on one side of the highway and the Weber River on the other. Deer cross back and forth on the highway and frequently don't make it. It's one reason why I dislike riding my motorcycle in the morning, deer are very active that time of day and smacking one on the old SV would pretty much jack me right-the-hell-up, if not kill me.

Today, one unlucky two-point bucks number was punched.

Without going into detail, the girl in the car right in front of me hit it, sending it turning into the air and well into the median. I stopped to make sure she was alright and her car was okay to drive. They fared better than the deer.

When I first walked down it was still moving, but when I walked down a few minutes later it had died. At least I hope it had died because I hate the thought of leaving an animal in pain. I tossed a couple of sticks at it and got no blinking reflex so I am pretty sure it had gone into shock and died.

I used to carry a pistol in my briefcase just for this reason, in case I or someone else hit a deer and I had to dispatch it. One of my coworkers had hit a deer years ago and had to leave it injured. Pretty sad deal. But somewhere along the way I stopped carrying a briefcase, mainly because I just don't feel important enough to need one, and thus stopped packing my pistol. Plus I don't have a concealed carry permit so I had to unload the pistol and put the ammunition in the glove box to be legal.

Maybe it's time to get that permit and start carrying again. Maybe I can strap it to my motorcycle Road Warrior-style and if a deer jumps into my path I can start blasting at it before it gets in my lane. Or maybe I could just turn.... Or sell the motorcycle. If I sold the motorcycle why stop at a pistol? I could keep an AR-15 behind the seat. Then I wouldn't even have to walk down to humanely euthanize an animal. I could do it right from the front seat, wait, that's illegal. It gives me an excuse to buy a new AR-15 though.

Actually it's a shame I couldn't take the deer down to the butcher. What a waste of a good chunk o' meat.

Anyhoo, back to work. Need to get me some stuff done so I can ride with the neighbor, who I have dubbed Cliff, after work. I'll try and help him keep upright.

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