June 5, 2008

Spinervals in June?

Yep, you read it right. Spinervals in June.

The weather in the Land of Zion has again taken a turn for the worst, unless you are one of my radishes and flourishing like a drag queen, in the cool wet weather we've had this spring.

Now if I were truly hardcore I'd be out running and riding anyway. But I had enough freezing runs over the winter to last me the year. Granted, I also had enough indoor trainer sessions, which amounted to about six in total.

While I was cleaning up last night I came across a Spinervals DVD. I hadn't done Spinervals for literally years, not simply because riding indoors is akin to pulling wisdom teeth, but I generally focus more on low intensity training during the early months of the year. And Spinervals are anything but low intensity. So with rain and darkness closing in I put the bike on the trainer and climbed aboard. I spent the next 45 minutes kicking myself in the ass for not using the Spinervals program sooner. The time still passed slowly, but when broken into the short training segments of the DVD, the time passed much quicker. Similarly, I cannot even look at a treadmill without getting bored, yet run an interval program and it is actually possible to get through a workout.

Still, I've never had to do Spinervals in June to get a ride in.

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