June 12, 2008

Fortunate Cookie

Last Saturday night Wifey, Smarty Pants and I went to one of the local Chinese restaurants to eat food no Chinese person actually from China would recognize as Chinese food. Which is fine because Wifey's visit to China a few years back all but convinced her that food is best served cooked when it comes to your table, not purchased live and, well, you know...

Anyhoodles. We ate, it was yummy and Smarty Pants not only didn't manage to completely destroy the place, but actually got more food in her instead of on her. Bon-us! With the bill came the obligatory fortune cookies. My fortune read something like this (paraphrase):

"You will soon have something you have long desired."

Now it was a fortune cookie. Who takes stock in any of that stuff? Still, I mulled over what could be the thing I have wanted for a long time...

Aside from having more time to do everything life demands or enough money to wipe my butt with after pooping in a golden toilet I. Drew. A. Blank. Which if you know me, doesn't happen very damn often. Almost never.

Yet, I could think of nothing I would say "I have long desired" that I don't already have. I kept thinking it could be this or that little thing and so much of it was trivial in the Big Picture sort of way. It again confirmed just how lucky I am to have a great wife, ultra-cute and smart kid, supportive family, good friends, decent job, health, happiness, food, bikes, motorcycles, an old but good truck and my health. And as my Grannie told me once, "You are truly blessed if you have your health." Can't argue with that. Well, you might, but I wouldn't listen.

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