July 29, 2009

What to do, what to do...

So many events, so little time.

And so little training ... so very little training. So few miles. So few laps. The only thing I have ample of is back fat these days.

Oddly enough, I felt like I was overtraining a few weeks ago. I had ramped up the swimming, was running, lifting weights a little and biking some. It didn't seem like much, but the signs were there. I wasn't sleeping great, pissy, no motivitation. But it really hit home when I tried to climb up Trapper's Loop and it just wasn't there. I think my heart rate maxed at 147 bpm, and my legs had zero left to give. All I can figure is that it might have been the multiple workouts per day, coupled with work and other stuff might have just got to me.

I took most of a week off, other than deadlines at work, and have started back into it slowly. Some trail running with Wifey, easier bike rides (other than the singlespeed adventure), less swimming and lifting. I felt like the fitness was coming back, now I am feeling tired again. I dunno. Maybe I am just getting lazy. Maybe it is something else.

The point is, it is tough to want to pay money to enter events when I know I won't be at my best. Still, I know I will despise myself all winter if I don't do something. Of course I will despise myself now also if I try and just suck.

What to do?

Coming up is a mountain bike race I would like to do at The Canyons on August 1. August 15 is the Utah Half Triathlon. Then comes the Snowbasin 50k mountain bike race on August 22. There is the Top of Utah Half Marathon, Bear Lake Triathlon or Bear Lake 12 Hour Mountain Bike Relay all on August 29. There are a few triathlons in September that sound appealing, except for the swim part.

I still have not swum any open water this year. Which makes me wonder how I will react, and race day is not the time to find out. I was swimming pretty good until I started feeling yucky. Now I am back to square uno.



Mary Sunshine said...


Great blog!

Sometimes, events can serve as training themselves...if you go with this frame of mind, then completing the event is a success, right?

Keep the joy,


Duckboy said...

Hi! Thanks for reading. I checked out your blog and have really enjoyed reading it.

I had a long reply, but I think I'll just post a blog entry instead.

Thanks for the inspiration!