April 9, 2009


It has rained all f'n day and most of the week. ALL DAY. I guess it is spring, but this is ridiculous. I've only been riding a couple of times, and mountain biking has been nonexistent. The rain let up a little today and I really thought I could get out for a short run. But the deluge resumed and indoors I stayed. On the bright side, I have been getting into the pool. Why not, since it's supposed to be wet there I'll take advantage of it.

I get a little crazy when I can't get out and do something.

But swimming is good. I've been working on drills. That's it. Drills. Kick drills with fins and really focusing on moving from the hips instead of the knees. Fist drills to focus on pulling with the forearms. Sculling drills. Side drills...

The point is, I feel faster already. Whether or not I truly am is irrelevant.

I have some plans for the weekend. I have three days to make something happen between Easter events. Of course, it's all weather permitting.

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