September 12, 2008

The Weekend is SO Here!

Damn if I'm not ready for a day off.

Some of you that know what I do will scoff at that remark, but this has been a rough week. Deadlines and demanding clients have taken their toll.

I'm gonna rock out with my . . . I'm gonna run a 10k tomorrow to benefit the Hess Cancer Foundation, something I don't do enough of. It will be fun, I've never done an organized 10k, so whatever my time is will be a PR. It is also on the new Legacy Highway. A road that took 12 years and a buttload of litigation and environmental studies to build because it goes right through a wetlands area.

I'm not a fan of the Legacy Highway, but it's here whether I wanted it or not so I may as well enjoy it.

I'm sure a bike ride is also in order for the weekend. Maybe another morning dark ride. Something easy to recover from the 10k madness for sure. Or a road ride.

There is sure to be plenty of working in the house, too.

Time to go have a beer.

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