June 22, 2008


Ever have one of those weekends that make you excited to get back to work just so you can take a break? That's what this weekend has been and as I'm staring down the monitor all I have energy left to do is type.

I helped get my sister-in-law moved into her new place. For two days. Up and down stairs. And painting Smary Pant's bedroom, two colors, three coats. Fortunately I have run out of time this weekend and will be back at my desk tomorrow. Doing more of this but not lifting bookshelves. A few days to recharge before another weekend of projects. Like chair rail installation. Straightening out the garage. Mopping the goats. Tweezing the carpet.

The only thing I didn't do this weekend is get a ride in. But I had a solid ride over Trapper's Loop and around Pineview Thursday which I am still feeling a little. I think my knee is healed enough to make it to the pool tomorrow morning without fear of aspirating the pepperoni-scabs on my return lap. But as I sit here wasted, I am not making any promises.

Oh, and there may be a puppy on the horizon. I am an admitted greyhound nut, I love the breed. But something a little more compact may be in order. Stay tuned.

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