May 21, 2008

A Long Time Coming...

First off, I need to mention that I've been meaning to start Blogging for a long time, so buckle the hell up because I have a lot to say about a lot of things.

And I'll just go ahead and warn you, I should probably label this blog explicit. But I'll see how it pans out.

Next, I have a lot of people to thank for getting me underway. But rather than name drop I'll just admit to being one of the dreaded lurkers on many blogs for the last year or so. No excuses for not starting sooner. A heart-felt "thank you" to all of you out there who have allowed me access to a slice of your passion for life.

If you are wondering what you will find on this blog, frankly so am I. I'll likely stick to my adventures in endurance sports, but am sure I'll venture into other aspects of life in general.

After all, I have a lot to say.

The next entry will be a race report of my first-ever marathon experience at the Ogden Marathon in Northern Utah. It was fu-un. Come back and check it out.


Nytro said...

duckboy? REALLY? had i known this was going to be your handle, i would've taken you out for a beer or something. welcome to the madness. you're gonna love it.

Iron Benny said...

Welcome aboard wayward one. I'm looking forward to your race report. It seems everyone I talk to loved the race, so I'm curious about your experience.

SchuckFamily said...

Finally with the blog. Baby somehow managed to arrived on the due date - au natural.